What are Monocytes ?




Monocyte is an agranulocyte and this Is the largest type of WBC. Monocyte can differentiate in to macrophages and myeloid dendritic cells. Also it palys a role in activating adaptive immune system.

Normal range

Monocytes Normal range is account for 2-8% of WBCs.  The absolute Monocyte count is 0.2 – 0.8X109/L of blood.


Monocyte are 15-18  Micrometers  in diameter and they have bluish-grey colour cytoplasm which contain horse shoe/kidney shape nucleus.

This nucleus is occupied in half of its cytoplasm. There for it is easy for us to identify in blood film.

Why and when get increased Count ?

When the count is more than 0.8×109 /l, it is called as monocytosis.

Monocytosis results in chronic infections, inflammations such as tuberculosis, chron’s disease,SABE, malaria, Rickettsia,Vasculitis, collagen disorders etc.

Why and when get decreased Count ?

Low number is monocyte count is called as monocytopenia. Monocyte counts can be decreased if the total WBC counts decreases than normal.

This may be due to chemotherapy,bone marrow diseases, certain blood stream infections etc.

Tests available

Differential white blood cell count helps to check the person’s absolute monocyte counts. How ever, specific tests are available to detect the function of monocyte. But these are performed in advance.

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