How to remove a coverslip from a old glass slide ?


There are various methods to remove a coverslip from old silde. So in this video I will explain 3 most effective methods for day today laboratory usage.

Method 1

The most common method is the use of xylene.

To recover the slide place it in a coplin jar cantaining xylene and close the lid. It can be dipped in xylene from few minutes to several days depend on the age of the slide. Gently remove the coverslip once it has been loosened by xylene.

Method 2

If the slide is too old, rapid & most easiest method is ,

Place it in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator. As the coverslip and the mountant contract at different rate, the coverslip may pop off from the slide.

Method 3

Another important & effective , method is to spray the coverslip with freeze spray.

The coverslip can be removed as the coverslip contract quickly than that of the glass slide.

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