Can you guess the lab test ? When perform this test ??

Answer ...

Correct answer is , This is Kleihauer Test , Acid elution test or also this test call as Kleihauer- betke Test.

This test perform on Rh (-) mother , after delivery Rh (+) baby. To find amount of fetal RBC transferred from fetus to mother . To calculate anti – RH antibody or Rhogem requirement for mother.

But why Rhogem ? , it is helpful for prevent Rh disease in future Rh-positive children.


When we consider principle of this test , mother’s blood smear has been expose to the acid solution. In this case adult Hb remove from the blood cells , but not fetal Hb

Now look at this blood smear carefully , this is the characteristic positive kleihour test smear.

You can see pale pink color cells here … those cells call as “Ghost cells” & resemble to mother’s blood cells.  Also reddish pink color cells are the fetal RBC cells.  According to the number of this Fetal RBCs we can calculate amount of Rhogem needed for mother.

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