Malaria is one of the serious and fatal mosquito borne disease caused by a protozoan parasite. This protozoa belong to Plasmodium spp (mainly P.vivax, P.falciparum, P.ovale,P.malariae ) and most commonly the vector is of an Anophiline mosquito. Eventhough it considered as life threating disease, Malaria can be cured if diagnosed and trated quickly and correctly.

What is Malaria

Incidence and Prevalence

Malaria occurs all over the world, But the prevalence is prominent in tropics and sub- tropics where are clouser to the equator. However, prevalence is depend on mainly on climate factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall pattern etc. Even within tropics and sub- tropics transmission does not occur at very high altitude, during colder season and in desserts.

In 2017 an almost 219 million cases of malaria occured world wide and 435,000 of fatal cases were reported. Children, travellers to endemic ares, pregnant mothers, immunosuppresive people are the most vulnerable groups of having Malaria.

Malaria Symptoms





Common symptoms include fever, shaking chills and flue-like illness, sometimes these can be absent.

Malaria Symptoms


Malaria Transmission



The major route of transmission is the bite of an Plasmodium infected mosquito.

In additionally, It occurs when an infected mother transmit parasites to their child during pregnancy before or during delivery. This is called as congenital Malaria.

And also another way of getting infected with malaria is transfusion of infected blood. But at present it is very rare as blood products undergo malaria screening tests prior to transfusion.

Malaria Treatment


Treatment of Malaria depend on several factors such as the Plasmodium species which is responsible, severity of disease, prevailing area,prgnancy state etc. As much as possible it is necessary to start treatment process and prompt and correct drug regime makes it curable easily.




Now  the Malaria control programmes are available especially in endemic areas to reduce the Malaria cases and deaths and to prevent transmission.

As it is a mosquito borne disease, mosquito eradication is the best way for prevention. In addition refrain from travelling to Malaria endemic areas, use of necessary precautions to avoid mosquito bites are  some of applicable measures.

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